Key Activities of the Kish Trade Promotion Center

Creating a trade information center in order to collect and provide information to the Zone’s businesspeople through information databases.

Providing consultation and commercial and exhibition-related service to the organizer of exhibitions.

Setting up website for specialized and international exhibitions.

Preparing and publishing commercial guide of the region and the world in the form of articles printed in the local newspapers in order to disseminate trade and investment opportunities existing in the Island.

Answering foreign trade-related inquiries in the economic and commercial fields

Examining problems facing producers and traders in the Island in connection with foreign trade issues and creating necessary facilities for the removal of such problems.

Providing all kinds of commercial services.

Designing, planning and delivering training courses in various fields including foreign trade and marketing in order to raise the expertise of the commercial firms and to enhance the professional knowledge and skill of traders and economic actors in the Island.

Delivering short- and long-term specialized training courses upon request from the Island’s producing and exporting firms.

Holding international and national conferences, congresses and symposia in the Zone with various themes.

Participating at international exhibitions in order to introduce the Kish Free Zone’s tourist attractions, investment opportunities and exportable products.

Holding other countries’ specialized exhibitions in the Island in order to familiarize the Zone’s businesspeople with the products of these countries.

Inviting foreign businesspeople and agents of foreign firms to visit Kish in order to become familiar with the products and investment and trading opportunities of the Zone.

Planning to use Kish City Hall for holding events, festivals and small public and cultural exhibitions (MICE activity).

Managing, supporting and maintaining halls, facilities and equipment of the Kish International Exhibitions Center, International Conference Center and the City Hall.

Letting export services offices to the applicant companies.


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