The administration of KFZ lies with an organization whose responsibilities have been set out and approved by the High Council of Free-Industrial Zones of the country.  The main objectives of this organization are to take care of the infrastructural needs of the island, develop economic growth, expand the economy, stimulate instrumental employment, attract national and international investment, regulate the job and goods market, actively participate in global markets to promote non-oil exports, make provisions for the production of industrial goods and convertible industries and, last but not least, exploit the special potentials of Kish Free Zone, the organization of which includes the General Assembly, Board of Directors, Managing Director and Board Director, and Legal Inspectors. The General Assembly outlines the general objectives of the zone, such as the establishment or dissolution of affiliated companies and institutes, compiling and amending the Articles of Association, supervising the performance of the organization, appointing and dismissing members of the Board and Managing Director, as well as setting tax ceilings and collection methods for individuals and institutes, and any activities taking place on the island.  The KFZO is run by a Board of Directors comprising three or five members.  This Board has all the rights within the legal framework to run the Free-Industrial Zones in line with the duties stipulated in the Articles of Association. The outline of these duties includes setting out executive guidelines, signing contracts, tax collection methods and company registration and industrial and moral ownership, shipping, airplanes (without exclusive rights).  The Board of Directors also determines the use of the free zone properties, the use, sale or transfer of national resources according to the laws and regulations approved by the General Assembly.  The Managing Director of the organization chairs the Board of Directors and is appointed by a presidential decree from the Board Members for an extendable period of three years.  The Managing Director has full powers to execute the ratifications of the Board of Directors and represents the organization before third parties.  He is responsible for the steadfast execution of all free zone affairs and protecting the rights, interests, and assets of the organization. Engineer Davoud Madadi is the Board Director and Managing Director of KFZO,  and engineer Mahdi Chamanzad is Member of the Board.


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